The GIGO Clean app

The GIGO Clean app

8 Tips for Move-In or Move-Out Home Cleanings

Whether you’re moving into a new place or out of an old one, a thorough cleaning is essential. You want to leave your old home in tip-top shape for the next residents, and you want your new place to feel move-in ready. 

Not convinced you need to clean your old place? 

The average security deposit for a rental property is equal to one month’s rent. You give that money to your landlord at move-in, and if you properly clean and care for your rental before moving out, you’ll likely get most of it back. That’s not chump change! 

If you own the property instead of renting, a spotless building also has its monetary advantages. According to U.S. News, cleaning and tidying your house is one of the best tactics for attracting buyers quickly. 

On the flipside, if you’re moving into a rental or a newly purchased home, you want to start with a clean slate (literally). A deep clean can help you feel at home quicker and ensure you’re not dealing with previous residents’ leftovers. 

GiGO Clean, a home cleaning application, helps with hundreds of move-in and move-out cleanings every year. As a result, our cleaners have nailed down a list of some of the most important elements. 

Whether you’re moving out or moving in, here are eight great tips to keep in mind. 

(1) Plan Your Attack 

Before diving into any deep clean, you should always create a comprehensive checklist. This is the best way to make sure you cover all your bases and clean in an orderly fashion.

In most cases, your primary targets will include…

  • The kitchen
  • All bedrooms
  • All bathrooms 
  • Any living areas 
  • Hallways and/or stairs

Start by making a written list of areas to attack. Then, if necessary, break each of those areas down into subsections to ensure you tackle every nook and cranny. 

(2) Use High-Quality Cleaning Supplies

Sorry, but a tub of alcohol wipes and some Windex aren’t going to cut it for a deep move-in or move-out clean. 

Now’s the time to invest in high-quality supplies that will help you get the job done right. You need the best cleaning agents for different surfaces (wood, tile, marble, etc.), as well as soft microfiber cloths, reliable scrub brushes, and a trusty vacuum cleaner. 

The more effort you put into gathering your supplies, the faster and more efficient your cleaning process will be. 

(3) Don’t Shirk the Floors 

It doesn’t matter how great your vacuum’s suction might be – you need to take the extra step when cleaning your floors this first or final time. Carpets and flooring are often the first things people notice in a new place, so give them a little extra attention. 

We recommend steam cleaning carpets to eradicate lingering odors and stains. If you have hardwoods or tile floors, mop and polish them accordingly for an extra shine. 

(4) Deep Clean Kitchen Appliances

For both renters and homeowners, the kitchen is a key focal point. Pay special attention to the “big” appliances such as the oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher. These can be sore spots for lingering smells, grease stains, and other problems. 

(5) Put Elbow Grease into the Bathrooms

Bathrooms are most people’s least-favorite place to clean, and for good reason: they can be gross and difficult to sanitize. 

As you move in or move out, focus on giving bathrooms a deep clean that includes the tiles, grout, sinks, and toilets. If necessary, purchase products to help you break down soap scum or mineral deposits. These can be real eyesores for future residents and/or landlords. 

(6) Wash the Walls

Yep, you read that right. Most people don’t think about washing their walls regularly, but they can accumulate plenty of dirt, scuffs, and stains over time. 

Use a gentle cleaner that’s appropriate for your wall type. Patch up any holes or imperfections, and if necessary, consider adding a fresh coat of paint. This small investment can make a significant difference in the overall appearance of the home. 

(7) Make Those Windows Sparkle

Clean windows can dramatically enhance the overall appeal of a home. Wipe down all of your building’s glass surfaces using a streak-free cleaner. If your windows have screens, remove and wash them, too. 

The same goes for any mirrored surfaces in your home. Mirrors can hold onto all sorts of smears and oils, but a deep clean will instantly elevate them. 

(8) Hire Professional Cleaners 

Let’s be honest: lots of you will get to the end of this list and simply feel overwhelmed. 

Moving is one of THE most stressful events a person can go through. The bigger the move, the more stress that’s associated. 

If you’re feeling stretched thin and pressed for time, you might want to enlist the help of professional cleaners. This will take a massive to-do off your plate, but it will also ensure that your new or old home is cleaned properly from top to bottom. 

Not sure where to find a reliable cleaning crew? That’s what our home cleaning application helps with.

Prepare for Your Big Move With GiGO Clean

Our professional cleaners are here to make cleaning less of a hassle every day, but their services are especially valuable during a big move. If you’re looking for a deep clean to make your new or old home shine, download the GiGO Clean app

This home cleaning application will connect you with vetted professionals. Book one that works with your schedule, then pay them through secure digital methods. The whole process takes a matter of minutes to complete. 

Have questions or concerns? Contact our support team today. In the meantime, focus on packing and preparing for your move. We’ll handle the cleaning. 


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Choosing between GIGO Clean app and a cleaning company depends on various factors, and the decision ultimately depends on your specific needs, preferences, and circumstances.

The GIGO Clean app

Choosing between GIGO Clean app and a cleaning company depends on various factors, and the decision ultimately depends on your specific needs, preferences, and circumstances.

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