· Dusting and sweeping all reachable surfaces.

· Washing the exteriors of kitchen appliances and cabinets.

· Essential bathroom cleaning.

· Vacuuming and mopping all floors.

· Dusting blinds, light fixtures and reachable ceiling fans.

· Cleaning baseboards and doorways

GIGO’s Deep Cleaning service offers the Standard Cleaning as well as: cleaning of inside of appliances, inside windows, dusting blinds, light fixtures, and reachable ceiling fans and cleaning baseboards and doorways.

A Deep Cleaning is recommended twice a year for an average household. If you have the “hang out home” and/or a few pets, four times a year would be warranted. If you are new to using a cleaning service, we recommend that our users start off with a Deep Clean so you can maintain your home cleaning schedule much easier.

When ordering either cleaning type from the GIGO App, please consider the size of your home and be realistic about the time needed*. We have many qualified and experienced cleaners for you to choose from to get your home spic and span. Get Clean/Stay Clean with GIGO Clean!

*Cleaners may adjust your requested labor hours based on the size and cleanliness of your house.

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