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GiGO Clean is an easy-to-use app that connects you with on-demand home cleaning professionals. We are fast, safe and affordable so you can stress less and enjoy more.

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1. Convenient

Whether it’s a one-time deep clean, a weekly touch-up, or a monthly overhaul, GIGO Clean caters to your preferences.

2. Fast

Expert team of cleaners to get the job done on time. Real-time tracking in app.

3. Safe

Secure in-app payment. All cleaners undergo thorough background checks.

4. Affordable

Competitive rates for a better clean. The price you see is the price you pay, no surprises.

5. High-quality

Our cleaning experts are rigorously trained and equipped with top-notch cleaning supplies to ensure your home sparkles with cleanliness.

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Go to our Registration Section or Download the GiGo Clean app and create your account.


Select the cleaning you need, desired date and time, and receive an instant quote.


Relax and enjoy your free time while your home gets a professional clean!

Our Services

Standard Cleaning

Standard Cleaning

GiGO’s standard cleaning package includes sweeping and dusting all reach able surfaces, washing the exteriors of kitchen appliances and cabinets, essential bathroom cleaning of toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers as well as vacuuming and mopping all floors.

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning takes a standard cleaning a step further. In addition to exterior appliance cleaning, our GiGO team cleans the inside of refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves. We also clean the top of your fridge, light fixtures (that are easily reachable), baseboards and other spaces.

Moving In/Out Cleaning

Moving In/Out Cleaning

Moving to a new home? GiGO Clean can take the stress out by making sure your new location is ready for occupancy.

We will clean floors, walls, cabinets, bathrooms, and windows so everything is sparkling before you arrive. And, once your old location is empty, we’ll go in and leave it spotless to ensure it’s ready for new owners or renters.

Vacation Rental Cleaning

Vacation Rental Cleaning

Travelers love visiting Southern California and if you’re a property owner using AirBnB, VRBO or have vacation rentals then GiGO can be your go-to cleaning service to make sure your rental space is guest-ready.

We will meet all your specifications to ensure the property is clean and welcoming.

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Do you need help with cleaning your office and don’t want to sign a contract?

GiGO’s office cleaning offers on-demand cleaning services to any size office. It includes sweeping and dusting all reach able surfaces, cleaning the kitchen or staff lunchroom, essential bathroom cleaning of toilets, sinks, tubs, vacuuming and mopping all floors.

Home Organization

Home Organization

Are you tired of clutter and chaos in your home? Our professional home organization services are here to help you reclaim your space and bring order to your life.

Whether you’re struggling with a messy closet, a cluttered kitchen, or an overflowing garage, our team of expert organizers is ready to transform your living spaces into organized and functional areas.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Animals, kids, shoes, food – Carpets can hold a lot of memories. Bring new life to your carpets with deep cleaning. GiGO provides vacuum and stain removal service to ensure removal of dirt, dust and residue that is trapped in your carpets.
Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Indoor and outdoor window cleaning will have your home feeling brighter and fresher. GiGO provides cobweb removal, glass and screen cleaning. We will even wipe down and remove debris from your window and sliding door tracks.

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