About Us

GiGO Clean founder Bita Safari combined her decades of experience in the management and cleaning industry to create a revolutionary mobile app that radically alters how people manage their cleaning needs for homes, offices, and rentals.
The GiGO Clean app matches customers to quality cleaners and gives participating cleaners referrals as well as fair pay for their labor.

Features of the GiGO Clean app:
1. Safety and security: All cleaners appearing on the app have completed background checks and paperwork to adhere to quality standards and California law. GiGO Clean interviews and checks the credentials of all cleaners before they are available to hire from the app. It also continues to re-check the cleaners’ credentials from time to time to make sure they stay well trained and up to date on industry standards. 

2. Privacy: All user details are kept private and secure. The cleaning location address is given to the cleaner two hours before the scheduled cleaning. Cleaners adhere to GiGO Clean’s terms of service, privacy policy and non-disclosures; they are not authorized to share customers’ addresses outside the application.

3. Transparency: Customers can choose which cleaner to hire by checking the cleaner’s previous reviews and photos of their work. They also can see the cleaner’s profile, which lists years of experience and most recent training attended. And, if they find a cleaner they prefer, they can re-book them.

4. Flexible cancellation policy: Users can reschedule or cancel an existing cleaning appointment up to two hours before the scheduled cleaning time with no cancellation fee.

5. Billing consent: Users must enter a code to approve the time range the cleaner states they worked. This way, the user has full control over how much time is billed.

6. Quality products: GiGO Clean has a proprietary training process to ensure all cleaners adhere to strict quality standards and use the highest quality tools and cleaning products that fulfill the most recent standards of California law.

In addition to the above, the app guarantees to fulfill your last-minute requirements during non-business hours, even if no cleaners are available in your ZIP code. GiGO Clean also uses feedback from both customers and cleaners to improve and add new features to the app. 

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