10 Things to Do Insted of Cleaning

10 Things to Do Insted of Cleaning

With GiGO Clean on the scene, you’ll have more time than ever to enjoy your life. Say goodbye to spending hours cleaning your house and say hello to fun activities like these!

Go to an amusement park: Here in Southern California, we’ve got a lot of amusement park options within driving distance. Enjoy time with your family and friends at classic parks like Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, LEGOLAND and more!

Take a trip to the beach: By spending less time cleaning, you can enjoy SoCal’s fabulous beaches. From Coronado to Malibu, take the time to have fun in the sun and sand! You’ll even have time to try new locations you haven’t been to before.

Check out a museum: SoCal is home to countless amazing museums. For those near Los Angeles, Exposition Park offers a variety of exhibits to inform and entertain. San Diego’s Balboa Park offers museums on topics ranging from history to transportation and pop culture. If you’re more inland near Riverside, the county has museums for art, history

Visit friends: If you’ve had to cancel plans with friends before because of needing time for chores, cancel no more! Spend more time engaging with your social life and less time cleaning your home. Your happiness level (and your friends) will thank you.

Take a hike: Southern California is rich with opportunities to spend time in nature. Take a trip up to the San Bernardino National Forest to explore one of the many mountainous trails, the foggy and rocky coast of Point Mugu State Park, or to Joshua Tree National Park to experience the majestic scenery of the Mojave and Colorado Deserts.

Head for Hollywood: Hollywood has been known for the deeply entrenched movie business for decades. Spend a day exploring the area; take a movie studio tour, see the Hollywood sign, and see the celebrity stars on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Take a night out downtown: With more free time comes more opportunities to explore the nightlife in your city. San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter offers many exciting bars, nightclubs, and restaurants to walk to and explore, as do downtown Los Angeles and downtown Riverside. Take your time and go out exploring your city like you’ve wanted to!

Binge watch a new show: We all have that one TV show we’ve been putting off watching for months because we’re too busy. Feeling guilty for ignoring your friends’ recommendations? Take your extra time, pull up that show you’ve been waiting for and binge watch away!

Pick up a book: As summer approaches and the weather gets nicer outside, pick a new book, get outside and start reading. With less time spent cleaning thanks to GiGO Clean, you can lose yourself in that novel you’ve been waiting to read. Or maybe self improvement books are more your thing; pick whatever floats your boat and read away!

Check out local events: No matter where you live, every major city in SoCal often has events going on. Check out local vendors, live music and food trucks at Venice Summer Fest. If you’re a runner, take advantage of the warmer summer weather and enter a race near you! No matter what you like, California has so much going on that’s waiting for you to do it.

Get GiGO Clean and live your life today! With so many possibilities to live your life better and enjoy it more than cleaning, get started with GiGO Clean today. Download the app, free yourself from your cleaning routine and enjoy the endless possibilities of a life well lived!


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