Routine Cleaning is one cleaning process that should be considered, no matter how big/small a house you have. And we at GIGO Clean are all set to create your experience of routine cleaning super special by providing an appropriate squad. ‘Home’ is a place where we spend a good amount of time and it is our responsibility to make it a happy place by conducting a routine cleaning process in it. GIGO Clean understands the importance of cleaning and they make sure about maintaining the high-class hygiene of the house.

Here are some points about the routine cleaning process provided by our brand Gigo Clean, read them out:

Routine Cleaning

To start a Routine Cleaning it is best to declutter first. Decide what you want and use what you may have “just because.” Many people find it cathartic to declutter and organize their living environment. Once you declutter your home, schedule a Deep Cleaning and then simply maintain your weekly or bi-monthly Standard Cleaning.
We have all learned to prioritize our lives this past year. Not being able to spend time with our loved ones has taken an emotional and physical toll on all of us. Having a routine cleaning service is an extra expense to budget for. We get it. However, now that we can get out and live again, it is well worth the minimal cost for being able to go to the beach, ride bikes, hike with friends, go to dinner . . .
When ordering any cleaning type from the GIGO App, please consider the size of your home and be realistic about the time needed*. We have many qualified and experienced cleaners for you to choose from to get your home spic and span. Get Clean/Stay Clean with GIGO Clean!

*Cleaners may adjust your requested labor hours based on the size and cleanliness of your house.

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