Tired of getting last-minute assignments and working for companies that take most of the cleaning fees for yourself? You are not alone.

GiGO Clean’s founder, Bita Safari, spent many years working in the cleaning industry. She found that customers are unhappy because the quality and reliability of cleaners tended to decline with subsequent visits and peopled feared having strangers come to their home.

On the other hand, Bita noticed that large cleaning agencies take the bulk of their fees for themselves and paid their cleaners very little. Cleaners also had no control of which clients they worked with and what hours they worked.

The GiGO Clean app (available for download from Google and Apple) solves these issues. We give our cleaning team the ability to choose when they work, how far they work from home, and pay them a higher wage than industry average. Customers who want cleaning services book a cleaner via the app. We supply the customers, while you earn the income.

Are you interested in learning more about joining the GiGO Clean team? Just download the app and choose “For Cleaners” to get started. We fully vet and background check each applicant to ensure the highest quality workforce.

We hope you will join the GiGO team today.

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