House Cleaning on Demand Using GiGO Clean App

GiGO Clean offers on-demand cleaning services via an easy-to-use app connecting customers directly to cleaners. Simply tap the app on your smartphone and cleaning professionals will arrive at your location as soon as they can.


We recommend starting with a deep cleaning the first time you use the GiGO Clean app and then booking routine cleanings weekly or biweekly for maintenance. Prior to the initial visit, we ask you to declutter your space to make it easier for the cleaning professionals to do a thorough job in the fastest amount of time. When ordering any cleaning from the GiGO App, please consider the size of your home and be realistic about the time needed. Cleaners may adjust your requested labor hours upon arrival based on the size and cleanliness of your house.


GiGO’s standard cleaning package includes sweeping and dusting all reachable surfaces, washing the exteriors of kitchen appliances and cabinets, essential bathroom cleaning of toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers as well as vacuuming and mopping all floors.


For when you really want to get your home looking its best, we suggest GiGO’s deep-cleaning package. Our deep cleaning takes a standard cleaning a step further. In addition to exterior appliance cleaning, our GiGO team cleans the inside of refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves. We also clean the top of your fridge, light fixtures (that are easily reachable), baseboards and other spaces.


Moving to a new home? GiGO Clean can take the stress out by making sure your new location is ready for occupancy. We will clean floors, walls, cabinets, bathrooms, and windows so everything is sparkling before you arrive. And, once your old location is empty, we’ll go in and leave it spotless to ensure it’s ready for new owners or renters. Whether your lease is up or you’re selling a home, make sure to schedule GiGO Clean for that move-out cleaning. day.


Travelers love visiting Southern California and if you’re a property owner using AirBnB, VRBO or have vacation rentals then GiGO can be your go-to cleaning service to make sure your rental space is guest-ready. We will meet all your specifications to ensure the property is clean and welcoming.


Want to keep your place sparkling after the GiGO Clean team has gone? Sign up for regular, routine cleanings every week, or every other week. Never worry again about scrubbing the toilets or mopping the floors. GiGO Clean has you covered. We also offer customized add-ons in 30-minute increments. Need the cat box scooped? Just add it to your next scheduled cleaning. No time to fold the laundry? Click a button and your GiGO Clean team will do it for you. Perhaps you need extra assistance on a big project like cleaning out the garage? GiGO Clean can help. With just a click of a button, you’ve got the GiGO Clean team onboard. We’re even available for daily tasks you might need assistance with – such as daily tidying up in the kitchen or organizing a pantry. If something needs cleaned, GiGO Clean can help.


Welcome to GiGO Clean

GiGO Clean offers on-demand cleaning services via an easy-to-use app connecting customers directly to cleaners. Simply tap the app on your smartphone and cleaning professionals will arrive at your location as soon as they can. You also can schedule a cleaning in advance to suit your lifestyle.

GiGO Clean:

  • Makes it easy and convenient for our customers to order cleaning services by connecting you directly to professionals in your neighborhood via our easy-to-use app.
  • Recruits and supplies reliable, thorough, and trustworthy cleaners to take the guesswork out of finding a cleaning service. Each of our applicants is carefully vetted and must pass a background check.
  • Connects highly competent cleaners with our customers and compensates our team fairly for their labor.

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GiGo Clean is a revolutionary App that can change the way users hire cleaners, It allows users to hire preapproved, trained, experienced and qualified cleaners with a finger click at the best available rates, Users can reschedule or cancel without any charges if cancelled two hours before service


Customers Love GiGO Clean


I used GIGO clean App to clean my vacation rental property. It worked great. I am very happy with the service.


I tried GIGO Clean App for a moving-out cleaning of my apartment. Oh My gosh! it is a lifesaver. The cleaners did an amazing job. I will certainly use it again.


“I think GIGO clean is the way to order cleaning services. It is about convenient and easy to use.”


GIGO Clean App is brilliant. I love it. Easy to use. I have saved money on cleaning services since I started using the App.


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