GiGO Clean Blog August 2022 – Pets and cleaning

Keeping Your Home Clean with Pets

It’s National Pet Month! Pets bring a lot of joy into our lives. Whether it’s your cat, dog, bird, fish or reptile, pets help us feel better mentally. However, having pets often presents a challenge for keeping your home clean, especially for owners of dogs and cats that shed a lot while roaming around the house. Leaving too much pet dander and hair lying around can cause respiratory problems. Of course, the team at GiGO Clean is more than happy to assist with keeping your home clean. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Keeping on top of your cleaning is key, so here are six tips to do so.

Vacuum frequently. If you’ve got a dog breed that sheds a lot, like a Labrador, or a fluffy kitty prowling your home, you know the pain of shedding all too well. Frequent vacuuming is a must to keep your home clean. Ideally, you should vacuum your home once every two or three days. This can help keep the level of pet dander and hair down in your home, reducing respiratory irritation and keeping your home to a cleaner standard.

Use a lint roller. If you notice buildup of pet hair on your furniture or clothes, invest in a lint roller to help keep things clean. Lint rollers can be quite cheap, often costing just a few dollars. You can go higher end if you want, but often a classic lint roller with just a handle and a roll of sticky, peeling sheets of tape on it will clean up your pet hair mess quite nicely. It’s best to focus on areas with a lot of hair buildup when using a lint roller, especially ones with visible hair clumps, such as your pet’s favorite chair.

Brush your pet. Using a brush on your pet’s hair will help keep clumps of hair they shed on your brush. This prevents it from getting all over your floor, furniture and any other areas in your home where your pets spend time. Brushing your cat or dog every two to three days  not only helps keep your home clean, but helps keep your dog or cat looking and feeling their best. Preventing tangles in longhaired dogs’ and cats’ hair can help prevent dirt from accumulating, along with keeping your pets from being in pain.

Have stain remover on hand. Even properly trained dogs and cats can still have an accident in the form of doing their business or throwing up on your floor. While tile or laminate floors may be easy to clean, liquids can soak into carpets or hardwood floors and cause stains and odors. This is where a supply of stain remover for your floor type can be a great help. Make sure to follow the directions on the packaging, and act quickly once you spot any stains.

Consider your pets when buying furniture. Pick materials that are easy to clean and don’t let hair cling to them, such as leather or vinyl. If you’re set on going with a cloth chair or couch, pick a texture that doesn’t let dirt or pet hair get caught easily in between the weaving. This way, hair removal is a cinch instead of a long, drawn-out process.

Regularly wash linens. Bedding and towels provide a great surface for pet hair and dander to stick to, especially if you have fans blowing air (and therefore pet hair) around your home. Wash your linens every one to two weeks to keep them clean and free of hair. This is especially important if your pets spend a lot of time on your bed. Whether your dog or cat sleeps next to you or burrows under your sheets, regularly washing your linens can make the difference between waking up with pet hair in your nose and a clean slate to start your day.

While there are a lot of ways to keep your home clean when you have pets, this cleaning can add up to be a lot of work. That’s where GiGO Clean can help. Download our app on the Google Play or Apple Store, and order our cleaning services on demand. It’s like a rideshare service for cleaning; just get on the app, order GiGO’s services and enjoy your clean home. Start your GiGO Clean journey today!