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GiGO Clean Launch Blog

After decades of experience in the cleaning industry, GiGO Clean founder Bita Safari realized there had to be a better way of providing cleaning services to those who needed them with reliable, trustworthy cleaners who would provide quality services while earning a fair wage.

“I saw many problems over the years,” she said. “Many times, large companies kept almost all the money the cleaners earned, leaving workers disheartened and making turnover high. Customers would complain that the first cleaning was amazing, but then services would decline until eventually the homeowner would fire the company because the cleaners were no longer doing a good job.”

With a background in engineering, Bita launched GiGO Clean in May 2022 for consumers wanting residential cleaning services. The app focuses on pairing top-notch cleaners who have been trained, vetted and background checked. The area of focus will start in Southern California, with goals to expand north and then throughout the United States. The GiGO Clean app will help create a cleaner environment and will help individual cleaners reach their life goals by allowing them to set their own schedules. Download the GiGO Clean app from your favorite app store today. 

What GiGO Clean offers

The GiGO Clean app gives consumers a choice of time slots, the ability to talk with their cleaners through the app, and rate the services they received. Much like Uber and Lyft match passengers with drivers, GiGO matches customers to cleaners. 

What sets GiGO apart from all other cleaning services is its incredible flexibility in scheduling and giving customers control of how often they clean, and the time they spend cleaning. Users also will be able to know the cost of cleaning before scheduling an appointment and add additional (last-minute) tasks easily, still knowing the costs. Customers can choose from a variety of cleaning packages:

  • The STANDARD Cleaning – dusting, mopping, and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens

  • The DEEP Cleaning – interior and exterior of appliances, dusting lamps and ceiling fans that are easily reachable, baseboards and all the tasks included in a standard cleaning

  • The MOVING Cleaning – GiGO will handle all the cleaning needed to get a new place ready to move into or clean out your previous home so it’s ready for new owners or renters.

  • The VACATION RENTAL Cleaning – If you have a rental vacation property, GiGO Clean can take care of all your housekeeping needs between visitors.

Set up your very own schedule for regular cleanings and use your spare time to improve your golf game, go to the park with kids, walk the dog, hit the gym, or invite over guests without worrying about all that cleaning you’d need to do first.

Download the GiGO Clean app from your favorite app store.

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GiGO Clean is an application for smartphones and tablets that matches customers with cleaners in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties. Our cleaners must pass background checks and be fully vetted before being listed on our website. We are looking to expand through California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and New Jersey. Learn more at